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Header photo is a composite artist sculpture by a TFF friend who is also a fossil hunter. All fossils were found in the city limits of Rochester! It is here at Whispering Winds as a donation to my work with students and families who are learning about the wonderful world of fossil hunting!  😀

The Bluff Country Fossils site is a volunteer activity that is an extension of my

Beverly Sandlin with her Collie, Jessica.

Beverly Sandlin with her Collie, Jessica.

hobby –Fossil Hunting! I am a novice fossil hunter, a substitute teacher, and a grandmother, so this site is oriented toward families, kids, teachers and homeschoolers.

The Bluff Country Fossils Adventure Blog is essentially a record of my hunts around southeast Minnesota, mostly Fillmore County which is close to home, and what I am learning. I try to take pictures of the various road cuts I hunt, give directions to it, what I found, and how prolific it is for fossils of what sort. AND I try to share what I am learning, what is going on in the area for fossil adventures, and just stay open to new fossil experiences!

I love to meet new friends and help people. 😀

The more you can tell me of what you are looking for in the way of fossils and how you like to hunt, the better–Down and dirty? You break rock. Clean and picky? Kids hunt? Disabled? Trilobites? Fisherites? Brachs? Crinoids? Hash plates?

I try to use tags on the posts, so do a search for trilobites, etc. Or even suggest to me how you would like them tagged!

Please send me pictures of your hunts in southeast Minnesota and experiences–I will post them! The more the merrier!

Suggestions and ideas are WELCOME! I’m not super computer literate, a friend helped me set this site up, so don’t get techy on me.

If you are thinking about coming to Bluff Country to hunt fossils and also have a family to entertain, I suggest you go to for lists of some of what you can do and see here. Check out the events calendar for the week you are going to be here. I have also spent some time and created a tourism post that I plan on updating:

Bev Fossil HatThis post has a drive from the Twin Cities and stops along the way, lots of links so you can pass it onto group members who may not be interested in fossil hunting exclusively. 🙂

Yes, I do fossil tours and group tours, do please check out the Educational Tours page.

The Nasty’s are things you may encounter here that itch, bite, or are otherwise annoying or dangerous – done for the city folks. 🙂

What’s This? page should link you to various posts where you can identify your finds.

Prepping Fossils page is basically either how to get a better look at your find or how to get it out of the matrix.

Jewelry & Art page is what I do with some of my fossils. 🙂


We are workin’ on a Rock ‘n’ Fossil Fest in


8 Responses to About

  1. Nancy North

    I am the outreach coordinator for the Whitewater Watershed Project. I’m in the process of building a new, community focused website and story map for the watershed project. I plan to link your site to an entry about Farmer’s Community Park, and I’m wondering if I may use the photo with caption: “Garvin Brook meanders through the park.” (fp-creek-down-225×300.jpg) in an entry about Garvin Brook.

    Great website! And what fun adventures. I’m going to do the hunt at Farmer’s Park!


    Bev – And of course I said “YES!” and asked Nancy to share her adventures fossil hunting!

  2. Andrea

    Hi Bev – I found you through TFF. I love reading your posts and I love this site! Your adventures and stories are so much fun to read! I’m in Wisconsin on the Niagara Escarpment. Thank you for this awesome site and for sharing your experience and knowledge 🙂


  3. fitch


    Comming up on your site via TFF. And eh, I think I wanne stay! Such an enthousiasm you have for *everything* … makes a tall man go weak 🙂

    keep up the spirit,
    you’re amazing

  4. Becky Huset

    Some of us volunteers at the Science Museum of Minnesota are planning a trip to collect Devonian fossils in southern Minnesota. Do you know of some good sites?
    Some of our information is out of date and quarries are closed, etc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  5. Becky Huset

    Thanks Bev, I’m looking forward to the Harmony rock and fossil fest. My sister lives in Harmony

  6. James Kennedy

    We are hoping to do some fossil hunting on our way from Geode hunting in Keokuk, IA. Sometime around Aug 22 or 23, 2017. We have two young boys 5 and 7, so we are interested a site with cool fossils and easy to access. We also would like info into a guide tour.


    • Beverly

      Hi Jim, I do guided fossil tours for $10 per person per hour, with 6 and under FREE and the 7 year old at only $5 per hour. The tour around the yard with the fossil gardens will only take about an hour and familiarize your party with fossils of the Ordovician. Then I can take you out or sell you a map for $5 where you can go on your own fossil hunting! I do an inexpensive Whispering Winds, Spring Valley, MN and also provide private, primitive camping down by the trout stream. Everything is child friendly and dog friendly – I even have a private dog park! 😀

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