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Beautiful Minnesota Geode!

Posted by on June 9, 2014
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geode 010

This picture just does not do this little gem justice, but I am just so excited!

So here is the story… I’m out fossil hunting in the Galena Formation and found this little oval egg shaped rock with a few crinoid segments on top and what appeared to be a point on the bottom. I posted it on and the guys said – concretion. Concretions will sometimes hold fossils.

So I put it in a sandwich baggy and wapped it with my masonry hammer. It was filled with beautiful quartz crystals!!!

I have read about these limestone formations holding geodes. I found one before, but it wasn’t thrilling. THIS ONE IS THRILLING! So beautiful! I’m hooked and next time I won’t hit it so hard!

So this is what it looked like before…

3 for scale

For scale…




WOW! I am now going to look for these!

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