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Prepping on a Budget

Fossil Camp!

Want to spend a day, a weekend, or a week immersed in fossil hunting the most fossiliferous county in Minnesota and enjoy the amenities that Bluff Country has to offer? Half-Day Fossil Hunt – $40 per person A morning or afternoon fossil hunt that starts with a tour of the fossil gardens at Whispering Winds … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Prep Video – Must See if You Have an Electric Engraver

  Here is a great fossil prep video with excellent techniques that you can use if you have an inexpensive electric engraver. Yes, he is using an air scribe and an air abrasive tool, but the technique for the air scribe is very similar to how you can use an electric engraver.

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Freeze and Rapid Thaw Works!

Yes, I was again experimenting. 😀 For the experiment and results with pics, please go to

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Nuking and Boiling Fossils in Water

So I was running an experiment! And I posted my results and got comments on the Fossil Prep section of It works! But there was lots of concern for safety! For photos and my results and the warnings against what I was doing, here is the link:

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Prepping Fossils with an Engraver

The simple <$10 electric engraver is my favorite tool for prepping most of my limestone fossils! It is comparatively safe, easy and forgiving. I think I picked it up on sale for $7 at Harbor Freight a year ago and it is still going strong. DO use a dusk mask! I’ve been told that limestone … Continue reading »

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Prepping Fossils with Acid

Yes, I am a bad girl. I occasionally use acid to prep my fossils. Some people are absolutely against acid prep. Lots of fossil hunters use it. What constitutes acid preparation? So many of our fossils are limestone based. Lime Away works! Most toilet bowl cleaners work to clean off the top layer of matrix … Continue reading »

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Ultrasonic Fossil Cleaning

I just purchased an ultrasonic cleaning machine manufactured for cleaning jewelry, glasses, dentures, CDs, etc., but what a boon to cleaning small fossils! Which is what I bought it for. I bought it for $40, including shipping on ebay – brand new in the box. I have been experimenting with it for the last week, … Continue reading »

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Maclurites crassus & Maclurites Trivia

This is an internal cast (It is almost unheard of to find one with the shell still intact.) of a Maclurites crassus, front and back.     Dummy me, I just found out this week that there are many species of Maclurites! The Maclurites crassus is not as common as the regular Maclurites we find … Continue reading »

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My $50 Fossil Prep Area

Kicked Out of the Kitchen Sometime this spring I got kicked out of the kitchen where I had been washing my fossils and prepping them on the kitchen table. I’m not sure if it was the counters full of rock with no room to prepare dinner or the rock dust in his food that got … Continue reading »

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Excellent Prepping Brushes

  These metal and plastic detail brushes (Can also be gotten at a paint store as stripping brushes.) along with some old toothbrushes are the basics of prepping a fossil. Use toothbrushes on more delicate fossils! I recommend the stainless steel and the plastic. The brass seems to leave dirty marks on the rock. Start … Continue reading »

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