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Eagle Bluff Skills School April Classes

What beautiful weather we had for these two first fossil hunts of the season through the Eagle Bluff Skills School! Friday was our traditional afternoon class and Saturday was our first morning class. The morning classes are great for those who want to buy one of the three fossil hunting maps I have compiled for … Continue reading »

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Horn Coral Video

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Incredible 3 Generation Fossil Hunt with LOTS of Pictures!

This 3 generation hunt was contracted through the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. The family members were experienced fossil hunters and boy did they come up with some GREAT finds! A truly Spectacular crinoid: And TWO whole trilobites!   For the full trip report and lots of links to interesting videos, etc., please go to … Continue reading »

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Geologic Time Explained SIMPLY! :-)

Link to a South Carolina 32 page pdf on teaching 8th grade students about geologic time: Lind to a short pdf on geologic time from the United Kingdom aka Great Britain aka England: Link to a great little video!

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Bluff Country: An Outdoor Paradise! Lots of LINKS!

The Bluff Country of southeastern Minnesota is an outdoor paradise and fun for the whole family. Considered one of the top 10 most scenic areas in North America, it is bordered by the Mighty Mississippi River to the east and the Great American Plains to the west. I have lots of links here and since … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Prep Video – Must See if You Have an Electric Engraver

  Here is a great fossil prep video with excellent techniques that you can use if you have an inexpensive electric engraver. Yes, he is using an air scribe and an air abrasive tool, but the technique for the air scribe is very similar to how you can use an electric engraver.

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Four Winged Dinosaur Video!

  This is a very cool and well done video!

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Mysteries of the Driftless – Video

This is a 26 minute MUST SEE video on the beauty, geology and biodiversity of the Driftless Area! The Glacier Stops Here event to be held on December 6th and 7th at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota will feature the Driftless Area of SE MN, NE IA, and SW WI. If you are … Continue reading »

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What’s This?! Crinoids

Did you know that the ¬†fossilized crinoids we collect DIDN’T go extinct? They are with us today as “Feather Stars” and “Sea Lilies”, virtually unchanged for over 500 million years! Wiki entry, “Sea lilies refer to the crinoids which, in their adult form, are attached to the sea bottom by a stalk.[4] Feather stars[5] or … Continue reading »

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Ice Age Giants!

An hour long movie on Giants of the Ice Age! I loved it; great for kids! Houston Nature Center has an Ice Age Mammoth exhibit with fossilized mammoth teeth and tusk found right here in the Root River!

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