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Whats This?!

Trilobite Identification Rock & More

  You should be able to right click and copy and paste this onto your desktop for close examination–open with Paint. So often we see pictures and photos of prepared specimens, however identifying them while in matrix is a whole new adventure. I had asked Caleb ( on the sidebar–everything trilobite!) to take the time to do … Continue reading »

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Lila’s Big Vacation Fossil Hunt!

Lila loves to fossil hunt with her Dad. Dad says, “Lila knows more about dinosaurs than I do!” The family was going on vacation and Dad asked Lila what special thing she wanted to do on their vacation. Lila said, “I want to fossil hunt and find a gastropod!” So Lila’s Dad contacted me and … Continue reading »

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Ammonoid Evolution vs Nautiloid Evolution

VERSUS TEST: Ammonoid OR Nautiloid?   And an educational discussion here:   😀   Answer: Gastropod Maclurites crassus

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Bellerophon Gastropod

This is one that I found in the Galena Formation. These are a fairly unusual gastropod to find here in southeast Minnesota. Happy Hunting! 😀

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Common Trilobites of Minnesota

From the free PDF: A Guide to Fossil Collecting in Minnesota.

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Ordovician Stromatoporoid

Stromatoporoids are calcareous sponges. “Stroms” can be massive, tabular, cylindrical, encrusting, arm-shaped or even in a chocolate-drop shape. You can click on these pictures to truly see the “brick-like” cell structure of this specimen. MUST READ! This goes through in detail the difference between the Stromatoporoids and the Stromatolites which can look similar but are … Continue reading »

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Incredible Ordovician Sea Bottom Sculptures!

Current Header: Just click (2x) to make larger and admire! What an incredible series of Ordovician sea bottom sculptures! All fossils were collected in the city limits of Rochester, Minnesota in 2014. Closeups of the groups: What a wonderful way to display your fossil finds! And how did he do it??? Expanding foam (Great Stuff) … Continue reading »

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Confusion with Cephalopods of Minnesota and Baculites and Belemnites

I was recently researching fossils of Minnesota on the web and found this article: If you scroll down you will see that the author speculates that he has found a baculites in the Ordovician Decorah Shale near Cannon Falls. There are NO BACULITES in the Ordovician! Here is a page from the PDF  Guide … Continue reading »

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Family Fun Fossil Hunt – River Roots Skills School

This tour was organized through the Eagle Bluff Environmental Center’s River Roots Skills School ( as part of their ecotourism initiative. We got together on August 8th, 2015. People came early and stayed late.  🙂  The class was scheduled for 1-5 p.m. and the last people left around 7 p.m. It was a WONDERFUL class! … Continue reading »

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Trilobites: Basiliella barrandi & Isotelus species

Jeff is fairly new to Bluff Country and fossil hunting, but a retired avid outdoorsman. He stopped by this morning to get some IDs on a number of fossils he had found. Jeff said he has only hunted three road cuts and been out perhaps 10 times. This particular rock he found in the Prosser … Continue reading »

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