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Farmer’s Community Park Hunt – Winona County

Posted by on May 31, 2013
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Hwy. 14 road cut across from Farmer's Park.

Hwy. 14 road cut across from Farmer’s Park.

You will know this when you see it! A quarter plus mile long maybe 100’+ high road cut right on Hwy. 14 between Stockton and Lewiston (above the Arches), and right across from Farmer’s Community Park. You can see the Jordan Limestone and everything above it, which I’m thinking is the Galena Formation, but I could easily be wrong.

Note the strata in this pictures:

A good look at formations.

A good look at formations.








Sand sculpture.

Sand sculpture.

And the beautiful sandstone wind sculptures in the Jordan, which has also become home to many swallows (or whatever birds bore holes into the sandstone).






I was driving back from a funeral and felt like I needed the solace of some fossil hunting therapy. Farmer’s Community Park is a gem of a little park. Picnic pavilions, lots of playground equipment, restrooms, a darling stream that runs through it, hiking trails where you will come across the native wildflowers, morel mushrooms, the occasional native American arrow head, and yes, fossils. 🙂

Here is the entrance from the Lewiston side at the wide spot in the road that is called The Arches, also where the County Museum is, and you can see why it is call The Arches!

"The Arches" RR trestle.

“The Arches” RR trestle.

Here is the entrance from the Stockton side:

Old RR trestle and Garvin Brook.

Old RR trestle and Garvin Brook.


And here is the entrance to the park itself:

Farmer's Community Park entrance.

Farmer’s Community Park entrance.








FP entry rockWith a closeup of the big rock.









A railroad cut right above the park that looked very interesting for fossils…



Garvin Brook that meanders through the park.

fp creek down











fp creek hunted


And just outside the park is where I decided to hunt fossils by the creekside.






A look at the rocks on the beach. This was just after another flood event.FP rocks in creek bed









fp rocks foundAnd what I found of interest.









And what I think is a worn piece of coral. I am going to post it on to see what they say.  🙂


Current thinking is pipe clay or tilers cement. Before it was worn stromatolite!

Current thinking is pipe clay or tilers cement.
Before it was worn stromatolite!






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