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Whispering Winds

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Whispering Winds

Victorian Cottage B & B, Fossil Hunts & More!

Private retreat upstairs with balcony.

Whispering Winds is a beautiful 3 acre hobby farm surrounded on 3 sides by woods and bordered by a stocked trout stream in idyllic, home town Minnesota, Spring Valley. Adjacent to the city park and bike/walking trail, this retreat-like property is SAFE and RELAXING. Centrally located between Rochester, Austin and Lanesboro and just 15 minutes off I-90 we are family and pet friendly.

The entire upstairs is your private, sun-filled, sanctuary.

Queen memory foam bed with desk, coffee pot and multiple USB charger – 60 mbps WIFI.


Livingroom with super comfortable futon, flip chair, cable TV, mini fridge and microwave.

Private balcony for morning coffee, evening wine and star gazing.


Half bath upstairs.

Spa bath downstairs with soaking tub, handicap tiled shower and color therapy electric fireplace.

Booking through or contact us at or our landline (leave your number please) at 507-922-0083. Starting at just $40 a night!

Whispering Winds Woods Edge Camp

Located at the back of the horse pasture, this is our personal retreat from the world, and it could be yours too! EVERYTHING PROVIDED! Just bring yourself and your food! This is a totally stocked base camp for your Bluff Country adventures! Propane and charcoal grills provided. Fire ring is also a cooking ring with rocket stove. Coolers, cookware, and every thing you could want for camping is here including extra tents for kids/friends. Fenced for dogs and next to the dog park. Limited electricity, mini-fridge, composting toilet, all amenities plus high speed WIFI at great room in the house.

Woods Edge Camp private retreat camp just steps from Spring Valley Creek.

Refurbished camper and fire ring.

Two beds, electric fireplace, COFFEE POTS! LOL 😀

$40 per night and 2018 we will be building a pallet log cabin! What fun! Booking through Winter camping for experienced campers only!

Fossil hunting adventures 25% off if you stay in camp or at the B&B!

Fossil Hunting Adventures!

Want to learn more about the Ordovician fossils we hunt here in Bluff Country? I do a tour of my fossil barn and gardens here at Whispering Winds – $10 an hour per person. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other groups special rates.

I also sell three different laminated maps of various fossil hunting spots open to the public near Spring Valley, Forestville State Park and by St. Charles near Whitewater State Park that also have ID sheets on the back – $5 per map.

I can also take you out on a hunt to special spots depending on what you are hoping to find in the way of fossils – trilobites, gastropods, cephalopods, etc.


Dinosaur Island 2


Cephalopod Lair


Trilobite Lagoon

kids fluorescent fossilsSee GLOWING rocks and fossils!

 And DO…

fossil sandbox bestDig for fossils and minerals in St. Peter Formation sand.

fossil prepLearn about preparing fossils by doing!

Fossil castsMake your own fossil casts!


Outdoor Parties!

Have fun at the privacy of Whispering Winds! From Birthday parties to Halloween parties, to private camping by a trout stream! Especially suited to the 12 and under set with lots of friendly animals and games!



Want a party? Children 12 and under are $10 apiece for a 3 hour party. Lots of play areas, games are setup, campfire for hotdogs or a rocket stove for just S’mores. Bring the kids and their treats and everything will be ready when you arrive! LOTS of opportunities for great photos! Six or more children and I will bring out Coco the donkey for rides or Murphy the mini-horse for “My Little Pony” decorating.


Private family camping available for $25 a night.


Trout fishing in a stocked trout stream on site.


Whispering Winds is adjacent to an 8 mile round trip bike/walking trail and Spring Creek Park.

Just give a call and ask how I can help you! 507-922-0083 land line so please leave your number slowly and clearly twice and I will get back to you.  😀

Permaculture Gardening with a Bit of Whimsy

English Garden Style in front.

English Garden Style in front.

Monarch Waystation

Swamp Milkweed

Swamp Milkweed


Multiple Monarch Waystations

Multiple Monarch Waystations

I am an ex-Master Gardener with a varied permaculture landscape that includes many native plants in pollinator (Bees, Butterflys and Bugs.) gardens, an English Cottage Garden, raised beds and I’m always experimenting in the garden with something – this year the Native American Three Sisters garden which was so successful that I am going to expand them next year.

Three Sisters Garden

Three Sisters Garden

There are fairy gardens and surprises sprinkled throughout the landscape.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

 And a bit of whimsy that both children and adults enjoy.

"Spring Valley Creek Nessy"

“Spring Valley Creek Nessy”

I also have an established koi and gold fish pond.

Koi & Goldfish with a little added fantasy.

Koi & Goldfish with a little added fantasy.

With the permaculture tour a donation of $5 per person with a minimum of $30 per tour is requested. The gardens are 90% handicapped accessible – as long as you are used to moving over grass, gravel, moderate inclines and declines. Length of the tour depends on how many questions I get, but usually 1-2 hours. And if you see a flower or plant you want, just ask! I do sell plants and will dig up a slice for you to take home and plant in your own garden.

And I do have the Giant Flowers!

And I do have the Giant Flowers!

What is in bloom will of course depend upon the month of the year. My gardens tend to peak in August and September, but there is lots to see in June and July as well! Whether you are a beginning gardener or a seasoned veteran I am sure you will find some new ideas here and just a relaxing walk in the garden.

Just don’t ask me what the names of the plants are! Many varieties are unique to old flower ladies, like me, in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I even have a zone 4 hardy (last 15 years) Wandering Christian (Scurvy Weed), native to Australia, that flourishes for me in Minnesota!

Wandering Christian

Wandering Christian

As a Minnesota Master Gardener I am required to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours a year to community service. If you have a garden club that would like to do a tour, please send me an email at bcfossillady at gmail dot com and see if I have openings yet for FREE.

This is a wonderful getaway for any group that is interested in a few hours spent in a garden. Bring a picnic lunch and just enjoy!

Perennial flowers are for sale ranging from 10 cents to $5.  😀

Yes, there are Collie dogs and cats.

Yes, there are Collie dogs and cats.


A trout fishing stream borders the property on the east. A fire ring and picnic table is available next to the creek in a lightly wooded park-like area. Primitive camping available by the creek as long as there is no rain forecast – it floods.

Background Checked

I do hold a current substitute teacher’s license in Minnesota, so I am thoroughly background checked. However, after 2 strokes and a bad car accident I have found I can not sustain activity for longer than 2-3 hours at a time – and sometimes I walk with a cane.

Location of Whispering Winds in Spring Valley.

Location of Whispering Winds in Spring Valley.

Tap to make larger, or do a “Save Image As” to print.

Please email me at bcfossillady at

Beverly Sandlin with her Collie, Jessica.

Beverly Sandlin with her Collie, Jessica.

or call me at 507-922-0083.

I am open to suggestions and ideas!

Beverly Sandlin 😀

4 Responses to Whispering Winds

  1. John E. Kristoff

    Dear Ms. Sandin:
    I’m a retired university professor writing a historical play with the Historical Society of La Crescent, MN. Would love to talk with you about our project. When you have time, let’s chat. Thank you. John

  2. mary lemke

    We are a homeschooling family with three kids. Today we attended the fossil hunt done by Whitewater. We are thrilled at what we found. We live near Rushford and Houston. Can you recommend any sites near us that we could try for fossils or fun rocks? We are studying geology this fall.

    Thanks for any tips you can offer.

    -Mary Lemke

    • Beverly

      Hi Mary, The Houston Nature Center has a fossil class every year. After the talk they take people down to the sluice piles just across the river to search for fossils and then down the bike trail to where it crosses the river and on the beach under it. That said, I have not found any good sites around that area that are accessible to the public – road cuts. However, that does not mean that there aren’t some, it just means I haven’t found them. Beverly 🙂

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