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Just for FUN! Halloween 2016

Posted by on October 18, 2016
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I LOVE decorating for Halloween! The challenge is to do it inexpensively, so I thought I would share a few of the scenes and a few of my tips.  🙂

ww-ghost-townJust an old garden stake and some leftover quarter inch wood painted up. The zombie coming out of the ground I made with a scape of plywood, the two hands were $1 at the Dollar Store, a scrape of chicken wire to create the mold with about a half a can of Great Stuff foam over that and a piece of an old black skirt. Everything draped in a piece of poly cobweb.

Entrance to the house.

Entrance to the house.



witch-and-cauldronThe cauldron in front of the witch has solar lights in it covered with a piece of plastic green table cloth with eye balls and cockroaches glued to it – lights up at night!

witchLove this witch’s face and 7′ tall! $5 at Family Dollar!


$1 ghoul by the door.

garage-door-2Closeup of the garage door. This is a $7 scene setter from Party City taped onto 4 mil black plastic and hung with magnets – pretty cool!

murphy-wild-eyedMurphy the mini horse decked out in his costume for Halloween!



We’ll see if this video works. It is the $16.88 Walmart special light show.

two-skeleton-birdsAn old bird cage painted black with two $1 skeleton birds in it.  🙂


detached-garage-betterOn the garage door I have a piece of a Halloween door cover taped onto black plastic and held up by magnet on a roll.

coco-barn-betterCoco the donkey in his Halloween get up!  😀

entrance-to-parkWalking down into the campfire area.


Hope this video works as it features the creepy music! Bummer, I’m not getting any sound on this video, please let me know if you do – It is kind of creepy!  LOL  😀

zombie-crossingZombie Crossing! Creepy skeleton guy coming out of Hell is again just a piece of plywood with chicken wire and spray foam and a piece of black skirt over it. Silicone caulked the $1 head and $1 arms to it.

zombie-girl-onlyZombie Girl was 50 cents at a rummage sale made up with some old makeup.

spider-mummyMummy has a chicken wire frame covered in strips of an old sheet and then covered in poly spiderweb with spiders!

scary-face$1 scary face!


eyesCreepy eyes out of plywood with some craft paint.

bats-by-rhubarbBats from the Dollar Store hung on an apple tree.

ghost-girlGhost girl is chicken wire molded and spray painted white.



mushroom-tree-faceLeftover quarter inch plywood jigsawed into eyes and mouth, painted white and then used a black marker to fill in.

playground-treeGhosts and Goblins by the “playground tree” as the kids call it with swings and a tree fort.

pumkin-pinataPinata Fun! $1 Chinese lantern filled with $3 of wrapped candy!


Hope this inspires someone to have some fun this Halloween!



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