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Minnesota Fossils and Fossiliferous Rocks – Robert E. Sloan

Posted by on September 7, 2013
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Sloan's book


I have many fossil books and I can honestly say that this is the ONE BEST book for fossils in Minnesota!

$30 includes postage, coming directly from the author, Professor Robert E. Sloan – he may even sign it! Very Reasonable! Limited copies left!

Go to the second page of for ordering information HERE.

Professor Sloan was a college professor and it reads like a text book. My only observation on what would have made it better is the inclusion of an index – doesn’t have one. If you buy only one book on fossils in Minnesota, this should be it, forget the rest!

If you are a school looking at purchasing multiple copies, please email Sally Sloan, Robert’s wife of 60 years,

at for a possible volume discount.

These are fiercely private people! DO NOT bother them at home or attempt to call them!


A series of interviews with

 Professor Robert E. Sloan regarding his career, the recent history of paleontology,

and the life of an American scientist in the second half of the twentieth century.

Even as a lay person, I found these interviews fascinating reading!

Discover the life of Robert E. Sloan, American Scientist in the twentieth century and how far paleontology has come!




“At the time I write this (August 1995 to April 1996) I am a full Professor of Geology, at the

University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, who has taught geology to some 18,000 students, trained

some 3000 people to shoot, collected many hundreds of thousands of fossils, written some 90

professional papers, 4 books, 80 articles on narrow gauge railroad history and model railroading,

and 10 pieces of teaching software. I have produced 13 Ph.D. students, most of whom are now

professors themselves and 17 master’s students who are professional geologists. I will teach at the

drop of a hat, usually without notes, and usually by telling stories. I have never been bored since I

learned to read. I have been married to the same very exciting woman for 42 years and have two

daughters, two nieces and two nephews. I will not have any grandchildren, so I will be remembered

only professionally, by my students and my nieces’ and nephews’ children. I have been very pleased

with my choice of paleontology as a career, it isn’t everyone who has gotten to do as an adult just

what he wanted to do as a child…”

A link to his 152 page autobiography – Enjoy the Man behind the Science!

Books by Professor Sloan

Mammals from the St. Mary River Formation (Cretaceous) of Southwestern Alberta

by  Robert E. Sloan , Loris S. Russell
ISBN 0888541376 (0-88854-137-6)
Hardcover, Royal Ontario Museum
by Kent C. Condie,  Robert E. Sloan
ISBN 0134918207 (0-13-491820-7)
Hardcover, Prentice Hall
Sewall Wright Taught Me (1906267022) by Sloan, Robert E.
by  Robert E. Sloan , Joe Cain, Sewall Wright
ISBN 1906267022 (1-906267-02-2)
Softcover, Euston Grove Press
Book summary:
While a master’s student at the University of Chicago in 1951-1952, Robert Sloan attended Sewall Wright’s lecture courses.
He made copious notes. These are a detailed record of Wright’s teaching.
This book reprints Sloan’s notes from Wright’s Evolution (Zoology 313) course, June-August 1951.
In addition to lecture notes, this volume includes three population genetics exercises,
Sloan’s research paper for the course, and Wright’s final examination.

More editions of Sewall Wright Taught Me:

Opening on Wright from Wiki:

“Sewall Green Wright (December 21, 1889 – March 3, 1988) was an American geneticist known for his influential work on evolutionary theory and also for his work on path analysis. With R. A. Fisher and J.B.S. Haldane, he was a founder of theoretical population genetics. He is the discoverer of the inbreeding coefficient and of methods of computing it in pedigrees. He extended this work to populations, computing the amount of inbreeding of members of populations as a result of random genetic drift, and he and Fisher pioneered methods for computing the distribution of gene frequencies among populations as a result of the interaction of natural selection, mutation, migration and genetic drift. The work of Fisher, Wright, and Haldane on theoretical population genetics was a major step in the development of the modern evolutionary synthesis of genetics with evolution. Wright also made major contributions to mammalian genetics and biochemical genetics.”


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4 Responses to Minnesota Fossils and Fossiliferous Rocks – Robert E. Sloan

  1. Stephen Monson Geerts


    I am a geologist with the University of Minnesota, Duluth – Natural Resources Research Institute and am interested in a copy of Robert Sloan’s (2005) Minnesota Fossils & Fossiliferous Rocks. I noticed that the above message from Beverly was posted in September 2013 – do you know if there are any copies of his book still for sale? I am rather reluctant to send a check, only to find that they are out of print.

    Thank you,

    • Beverly

      Yes, this is almost March of 2016 and they still have copies left. This book is an INVESTMENT at a very reasonable price! What do you get for $30 PPD?

      I agree that it is very, uhh, inconvenient to purchase this way, but I know of no other way to get a copy. If you do a search on the title, I have seen it sell for as much as $130!!! And you can buy a signed one for $30!

      Beverly 🙂

  2. Amy K. Eoff

    Dear Beverly,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog, and for your linking to the interviews with and the autobiography by Dr. Sloan. I work in a small academic library, and this information was invaluable in determining which “Robert Sloan” I was looking for! The information will also help me update his authority file (rather important for authors, if unseen by patrons) which will allow his work to be properly cataloged by everyone, everywhere, in future.
    Again, many thanks for your generosity.
    Amy K. Eoff
    Library Assistant, Database Management Unit

    • Beverly

      Wow! Thank you so much Amy for the wonderful comment! Dr. Sloan is still alive and even autographs his books when you buy them! Beverly 🙂

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