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Prepping Fossils

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Preparing fossils is a science and an art! If you go to (sidebar link) there is a whole forum for preparing fossils. My experience is strictly trial and error by an AMATEUR! But hey, you gotta start somewhere! 😀

As I share my adventures, and mis-adventures, in prepping fossils, I will try to remember to link them here. Or check the tags and categories, because some may not warrant being posted here but may still help you.

An EXCELLENT source of information is the Fossil Preparation forum on another one is The DryDredgers site.

$4 Lighted Magnification Visor

My $50 Prep Table and Wash Area

Prepping Fossils with Acid

Prepping Fossils with an Engraver

Ultrasonic Fossil Cleaning

Freeze and Rapid Thaw Works!

Nuking and Boiling Fossils in Water

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