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Trilobite Identification Rock & More

  You should be able to right click and copy and paste this onto your desktop for close examination–open with Paint. So often we see pictures and photos of prepared specimens, however identifying them while in matrix is a whole new adventure. I had asked Caleb ( on the sidebar–everything trilobite!) to take the time to do … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Parts & Species Refresher

Caleb Scheer (now passed) labeled two photos of plates he had found with lots of trilobite parts in them. I know that I need a refresher 🙂 and I thought I would share these with you also. And this one with 13 different trilobites: I hope these help you as much as they have me! … Continue reading »

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Grand Meadow School Fossil Giveaway

This is part of the continuing Caleb Scheer Memorial Fossil Giveaway. I thought you might find the design of this school interesting as it was designed for geothermal energy, is tornado resistant, and has few doors and windows for security purposes. Kindergarten class. Thank you card. Link to recognition post:

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Kingsland First Graders Receive Fossils

As part of the Caleb Scheer Memorial Fossil Giveaway I contacted Kingsland Elementary in Spring Valley. The first grade classes were enthused about the fossils and asked lots of questions!   And they graciously signed a card for his parents’, widow and infant son. I have more donated fossils to give away. So, if you know … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Hash Plate Labeled

Tap image to make larger. This is an exceptionally clear photo. If you go to “View” and then “Zoom”, you can study it at 2-400% enlarged. Hash Plate Platteville Formation, Mifflin member Middle Ordovician Southwest Wisconsin Dimensions roughly: 6in long, 3.5in wide, 1.5in thick Weight: estimated 2lbs       The orginal post on … Continue reading »

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