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Tagged With: Cephalopods

A Fossiliferous Labor Day 2015 Hunt!

The journey and many pictures here: The Finds: Quarry Sand Pile Drusy Quartz & Worn Geode Beach Bryozoan Road

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Incredible Ordovician Sea Bottom Sculptures!

Current Header: Just click (2x) to make larger and admire! What an incredible series of Ordovician sea bottom sculptures! All fossils were collected in the city limits of Rochester, Minnesota in 2014. Closeups of the groups: What a wonderful way to display your fossil finds! And how did he do it??? Expanding foam (Great Stuff) … Continue reading »

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BluffCountryFossils Ordovician ID Sheet

This is a jpeg image, so you should be able to right click, save as, and print it at will. I have found that the Fossil ID sheets I have come across do not reflect what I am commonly finding here in southeast Minnesota. So, I have attempted to create one that you can take in the field … Continue reading »

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PDF Link for Identifying Cephalopods

Tentatively Piranha & Teres, from TFF are thinking this is a Beloitoceras. However, they have never been found in the Galena Formation according to Caleb. I got it out, story to come, and he has offered to prep it and get a solid ID. Apparently, since this is a mature specimen, it is a rather important find! … Continue reading »

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Old Dead Things & Bev Hunt in Bluff Country!

Jim, who goes by the handle “Old Dead Things”, and I have been chatting on for a while. Well, he and the wife finally made it back to Minnesota and yesterday we had the privilege of fossil hunting together. It was a beautiful crisp day with the first frost having laden the grass the night before, … Continue reading »

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National Fossil Day Hunt Extraordinaire!

What in INCREDIBLE HUNT! We had eleven cars and well over twenty people attend! From science teachers, to STEM school students, retirees, rockhounds, and fossil hunter newbies who were excited to learn a new hobby. We all met at the park behind the Kwik Trip in Lewiston. Unfortunately, Kristina woke up sick and the kids … Continue reading »

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Proven Trilobite Hunt in Shade!

As promised, I am posting one of the sites that we went to on the Trilobite Hunt – this is it!   Who doesn’t love a shady fossil hunt on a hot August afternoon? The quiet of a seldom traveled gravel road, you, the birds, and the hunt for…???     The very first rock … Continue reading »

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What’s This?! Cephalopods

Cephalopods were the apex predator of the Ordovician. Remember that is was a sea without fish! Most cephalopods will have ridges that define the chambers, but not all. I would strongly suggest that you read the Wiki article on cephalopods and research from there.      I found this on a Google Image Search and … Continue reading »

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