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Mosasaur Tooth in the Ordovician?! NOT

What do YOU see? I met a young man who said he had a mosasaur tooth that had been IDed by a paleontologist from the U of Minnesota. I took one look at it and thought “horn coral”. It was collected near Rochester at an Ordovician outcrop, but what do I know compared to a … Continue reading »

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A Fossil Journey – LOTS of PICTURES!

So, this all started out last week with my decision to hunt up some new fossil grounds on Hwy. 30 in Fillmore County because I heard through the grapevine that people were finding “dinosaur bones” down near Granger and Pine Creek. I know enough to know that they aren’t finding dinosaur bones, but Ice Age … Continue reading »

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At least 4 Trilos!

What a hunt(s)! Went with a friend to a “Junk Redefined” sale on Cty. 11 about 4 miles north of Fountain. We took separate vehicles because I anticipated checking out a road cut and picking up feed for the critters. But this turned into more like 4 individual hunts! I’m contemplating if I should do … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Hunt on Hwy. 52 – Fountain

  Highway 52 just below Fountain, like a quarter mile, is VERY PROLIFIC! If I were going to recommend a multi-faceted hunt for a beginner, this would be it!   I believe this is a native Galena road cut, but I also *believe that significant “riprap” from Fillmore County has been placed here. *PERSONAL OPINION … Continue reading »

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