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Impromptu Hunt with Raggedy Man

Friday evening I logged into my email and there was a message from Raggedy Man that he was coming over to Bluff Country the next day and would I like to hunt? I emailed back that I had plans already and then Saturday dawned and my plans dimmed next to a day of fossil hunting … Continue reading »

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A Fossil Journey – LOTS of PICTURES!

So, this all started out last week with my decision to hunt up some new fossil grounds on Hwy. 30 in Fillmore County because I heard through the grapevine that people were finding “dinosaur bones” down near Granger and Pine Creek. I know enough to know that they aren’t finding dinosaur bones, but Ice Age … Continue reading »

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BluffCountryFossils Ordovician ID Sheet

This is a jpeg image, so you should be able to right click, save as, and print it at will. I have found that the Fossil ID sheets I have come across do not reflect what I am commonly finding here in southeast Minnesota. So, I have attempted to create one that you can take in the field … Continue reading »

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National Fossil Day Hunt Extraordinaire!

What in INCREDIBLE HUNT! We had eleven cars and well over twenty people attend! From science teachers, to STEM school students, retirees, rockhounds, and fossil hunter newbies who were excited to learn a new hobby. We all met at the park behind the Kwik Trip in Lewiston. Unfortunately, Kristina woke up sick and the kids … Continue reading »

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What’s this? Receptaculitids aka Sunflower Sponges

Whitewater State Park Fossil ID Sheet This post is meant to get your eye familiar with “seeing” receptaculitids (or recepts as most people call them), also called Sunflower Sponges. Although, the latest thinking is that they are an algae. NOTE OF INTEREST: Several decades ago these were reclassified as FISHERITES – However, for whatever reason the renaming … Continue reading »

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Of Trilobites and Ticks – Hwy. 52 Fountain

UPDATE: Finally got all the rocks cleaned and the total for trilobites on this one hunt along Hwy. 52 is now 14 – FOURTEEN TRILOBITES! Eight in One Rock! Yeah! All pygidiums and all Eomonorachus or is that a crus? Hmmm… Pterygometopid trilobites anyways. After the Cty. 11 hunt, I stopped over at Hwy. 52 … Continue reading »

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