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What an AMAZING Group Hunt! May 14, 2016

This was the first Eagle Bluff Environmental Center Skills School group hunt of 2016, and it was GREAT! Nine participants plus the EBEC bus driver, hailing from the Twin Cities down to Decorah, Iowa and parts in between and west. And what did they like best? THE FOSSILS! So I think I will start out … Continue reading »

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Old Dead Things & Bev Hunt in 2014

Jim came out last year and we hunted – pretty exciting too! Read about it here: Well Jim had a good time and decided to come back this year with his tools in hand. It’s mid-September but the weather was superb with blue skies and temps in the upper 60s. And we had a … Continue reading »

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Huge Trilobite EYE!

When I found this fossil, I knew it looked rather “trilobitish” given the color the the shell. But I just couldn’t figure which part of a trilobite it could be. It just didn’t look like a cephalon (head). Here it is for scale: Well, I posted it on’s Fossil ID forum and it turned … Continue reading »

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A Road Ditch Hunt Near Canton/Harmony – Large Trilobite!

385th Ave. is a gravel road. Do this hunt after a rain as the road dust really covers the fossils up! It is just southeast of this sign a ways. I pulled a very nice large rock that is heavily fossilized, I just didn’t know with what until I got it cleaned.   I got it … Continue reading »

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Cruisin’ for New Huntin’ Grounds

  Well, I was still obsessing about my July 4th fossils and Bob was getting a little perturbed. He is taking off tomorrow on his Harley for the weekend and wanted to spend some time with me–that’s nice! Well, neither of us knew what to do, so we went for a drive with my formation … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Isotelus Iowensis found above Rifle Hill Quarry

  Trilobitten, member of says, “Isotelus iowensis pygidium “mold” from the Maquoketa formation, probably Elgin member. Lots of time the carapace is weathered away leaving behind the inflated mold.” However, Trilobiteruss says more… This is the link to the discussion. Caleb Scheer, our reigning Paleontologist, just weighed in, “The roadcut above the quarry is … Continue reading »

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