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Trilobite Identification Rock & More

  You should be able to right click and copy and paste this onto your desktop for close examination–open with Paint. So often we see pictures and photos of prepared specimens, however identifying them while in matrix is a whole new adventure. I had asked Caleb ( on the sidebar–everything trilobite!) to take the time to do … Continue reading »

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Common Trilobites of Minnesota

From the free PDF: A Guide to Fossil Collecting in Minnesota.

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Impromptu Hunt with Raggedy Man

Friday evening I logged into my email and there was a message from Raggedy Man that he was coming over to Bluff Country the next day and would I like to hunt? I emailed back that I had plans already and then Saturday dawned and my plans dimmed next to a day of fossil hunting … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Faunal Lists for Southeast Minnesota

NOTE: These trilobite faunal lists were compiled by Caleb Scheer (now deceased) and are on his website, here: Since Caleb has passed, I do not know how long the site will be up. He was the foremost expert here on trilobites. His passing is a tragic loss to the fossil community. Maquoketa Shale … Continue reading »

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A Fossil Journey – LOTS of PICTURES!

So, this all started out last week with my decision to hunt up some new fossil grounds on Hwy. 30 in Fillmore County because I heard through the grapevine that people were finding “dinosaur bones” down near Granger and Pine Creek. I know enough to know that they aren’t finding dinosaur bones, but Ice Age … Continue reading »

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BluffCountryFossils Ordovician ID Sheet

This is a jpeg image, so you should be able to right click, save as, and print it at will. I have found that the Fossil ID sheets I have come across do not reflect what I am commonly finding here in southeast Minnesota. So, I have attempted to create one that you can take in the field … Continue reading »

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2013 Personal Favorites

My absolute favorite find of this year, I even named him “Waldo”. Collected on July 4th…   On June 3rd, at the same place, I collect these:       I found this new to me creature:       And a new to me gastropod:   AND the largest Maclurites I have collected so … Continue reading »

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A One Year Fossil Odyssey!

  August 30th is my “birth day” into TFF ( and, within a month, fossil hunting, and what a journey it has been! Auspex, one of the administrators on TFF says, “The early slope of the learning curve [discovering the world of fossils] can be a time filled with wonder and discovery…” and it IS! It has been an … Continue reading »

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So, You Think You Found A Trilobite

Since I am not an expert, but still would like to know what I found, I am learning to use other people’s websites – I feel no need to reinvent the wheel. 😀 Cleaning When cleaning your find, DO NOT hit it with acid, vinegar, toilet cleaner, lime away, etc. Same with crinoids, it will … Continue reading »

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Proven Trilobite Hunt in Shade!

As promised, I am posting one of the sites that we went to on the Trilobite Hunt – this is it!   Who doesn’t love a shady fossil hunt on a hot August afternoon? The quiet of a seldom traveled gravel road, you, the birds, and the hunt for…???     The very first rock … Continue reading »

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