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Tagged With: worm burrows

Trace Fossils

Trace fossils are not actual fossils, rather what is left from the creature or fossil being there. Think of dinosaur foot prints or tracks from wild animals, or the rub marks on trees from bucks rubbing the velvet off their horns. Worm Burrows     Cephalopod Imprint Bivalve (Clam) Trace Where they connected themselves to … Continue reading »

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Cty. 33 Winona, A Hunt with Fox!

By Bev, It was a beautiful May day and I was driving back from Winona after visiting my Mother. I decided to stop at this road cut on Cty. 33 between Altura and Hwy. 14. You will know you are there when you see this! LOL         I started walking along the … Continue reading »

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