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Home at Bluff Country Fossils

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One Response to Home at Bluff Country Fossils

  1. Leanna King

    Hi Bev, ran into your webpage looking for fossil info..found a most interesting fossil which happens to be a geod to boot..Researched the info in my books and the net. This is what I came up with’
    This GEOD has Quartz druzies mammillary globular spheres with hemmatite (red) sitting on top of some of them. The outside of the Geod has the globes (spheres) perfectly preserved. I almost fell over when i saw it. I hunt on the Zumbro River. I live in Theilman, MN. near the Zumbro River bottoms. I have been collecting since 2007 and have found, given, swapped, and paid off my Attorney with the fossils I have found. Identifying is always the hard part. So send me an email and lets get together..I would be interested in joining whatever you do. Been looking for a long time for someone like me. I am a Grandmother also..Hope to hear from you, Thanks Leannna King…

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