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Earth Day Private Hunt with CAVE!

Earth Day 2017 was absolutely perfect for a private hunt here in Bluff Country. The skies were bright blue and April temps were into the 70s. This group was from Rochester, a mentor with two older children. We started out going through the fossil gardens in my yard to accustom their eyes to the shapes … Continue reading »

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What an AMAZING Group Hunt! May 14, 2016

This was the first Eagle Bluff Environmental Center Skills School group hunt of 2016, and it was GREAT! Nine participants plus the EBEC bus driver, hailing from the Twin Cities down to Decorah, Iowa and parts in between and west. And what did they like best? THE FOSSILS! So I think I will start out … Continue reading »

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Andreya Goes to Quarry Hill Nature Center & Much More!

This was Andreya’s (Bob’s granddaughter 6 years old) last visit of the summer and what a day long adventure it was – I think she and I were both wore out by the end of the day! Lots of firsts for Andreya, three fossil hunts – two impromptu – and fun right down to the … Continue reading »

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Of Floods & Fossils – Masonic Park, Spring Valley

I decided to do a lunch break fossil hunt as it was threatening to rain with a low rumble of thunder in the west. Masonic Park is only 3 or 4 miles northwest of Spring Valley and I had read about it, but never actually hunted it. I didn’t have high expectations because the water … Continue reading »

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Masonic Park is an Archeo-Paleo Site

  By BC Fossil Lady If you download the goverment information of where to fossil hunt, Spring Valley comes up several times. Most of the road cuts east, north and south of Spring Valley are very fossiliferous. But there is one area that truly stands out not only for fossils, but the archeological finds it … Continue reading »

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