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Trilobite Identification Rock & More

  You should be able to right click and copy and paste this onto your desktop for close examination–open with Paint. So often we see pictures and photos of prepared specimens, however identifying them while in matrix is a whole new adventure. I had asked Caleb ( on the┬ásidebar–everything trilobite!)┬áto take the time to do … Continue reading »

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Caleb Scheer 2-12-1981 to 2-4-2014

                  Caleb Scheer was the reigning “amateur” paleontologist in southeast Minnesota – I put that in quotes because Caleb was no amateur. He may not have had the degree, but he had the knowledge. Caleb was the “go to guy” on on anything found in southeast … Continue reading »

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Trilobite Hash Plate Labeled

Tap image to make larger. This is an exceptionally clear photo. If you go to “View” and then “Zoom”, you can study it at 2-400% enlarged. Hash Plate Platteville Formation, Mifflin member Middle Ordovician Southwest Wisconsin Dimensions roughly: 6in long, 3.5in wide, 1.5in thick Weight: estimated 2lbs       The orginal post on … Continue reading »

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